Thursday, July 26, 2012

Before You Buy Brain Supplements: Educate Yourself About Prevagen

Has it become difficult for you to maintain focus, grasp new subjects or memorize concepts? This phenomenon is called cognitive deficiency and it is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. For the brain to perform well, it needs regular maintenance and reinvigoration.

Although cognitive deficiency is usually temporary, it is still a very frustrating thing to go through but it can be solved by taking the right dietary supplements. It has always been said that eating a well-balanced diet will give you enough nutrients for your body. But newer studies are proving that people should not rely on a good diet alone, since it does not provide enough nutrients to support your brain and body's activities.

Brain supplements specifically target cognitive functions by providing nutrients that improve a person's mental faculties. The nutrients in brain supplements are compounds that you can actually take from food which you consume on a daily basis. These health supplements provide the brain with essential nutrients which support and maximize cognition.

Neuro-protective elements have been discovered recently and they are being incorporated into various supplements. You might have heard of Apoaequorin which is a compound taken from glowing deep-sea jellyfish. Various researchers have found that this compound which produces phosphorescence in jellyfish can also bind with the calcium ions in the human body's nervous system.

This element is sufficiently supplied by the body, but as a person reaches middle to late adulthood the production significantly lessens and leaves the cells exposed to the possibility of calcium overload. Prevagen has Apoaequorin which is supported by brain research supplements that offer the compound in a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. It is a safe product which does not react negatively with other herbal drugs and it also has no known side effects.

Apoaequorin is a known in the pharmaceutical field as a calcium binding protein and it works by monitoring and regulating calcium levels in nerve cells. With each tablet containing 10 mg of Apoaequorin, cell damage decreases significantly as the protein acts on the calcium in cells. As people age the body supplies less and less of this basic calcium binding protein.

Furthermore, the supplement restores cognitive balance and eventually treats common types of memory deficiencies. Apoaequorin in this supplement is identical to the type of calcium binding protein which the body naturally synthesizes. It also boosts the synthesis of protective proteins that the body loses as it reaches middle to late adulthood.

The laboratory tests confirm that at least 50% of cells were protected from calcium toxicity. With neuroprotection, the brain is protected from cellular death which makes it perform better. Knowing these facts, it is safe to assume that improving your brain's health also improves the human body's general functions for a healthier you.

Aging is inevitable, and this process is behind major changes that occur on the cellular level. Within the brain cell, the production of calcium-binding proteins gets affected. This would result in very high levels of calcium ions which build up and cause cellular death for neurons that are responsible for learning functions.

The main issue lies in the fact that calcium binding proteins cannot be taken from any food source. Eating vegetables and fruits provides a good source of antioxidants but there is no direct link that it can increase the levels of calcium-binding proteins. Prevagen ingredients are the only supplement which offers what your brain really needs. Read reviews about Prevagen. Read more about it here.